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This FAQ is constantly evolving and subject to change as the mod progresses. Check back here periodically for the latest FAQ and the main page for the latest news on Reaction.
What is Reaction Quake 3?
It's all explained in the About section!
What will I need to play Reaction?
Presently, you will need a copy of Quake 3: Arena and a computer that meets or exceeds its system requirements (for smooth gameplay, we highly recommend the latter). We have bot support so you can play with yourself but we do also recommend a good internet connection for finding and playing on online servers. A good bet is a Geforce 3 class video card and 512 MB of RAM at the very least. We'd appreciate a better video card and more RAM though.
When will the next version of Reaction be released?
Hopefully before the end of time. We do have some plans for the next version. Hopefully we can pull them off!
Why isn't the modification called Action Quake 3?
The name was decided upon to avoid conflict (legal, ethical, or otherwise) with the Action series of modifications made by the A-Team. Besides, doesn't Reaction Quake 3 have a nice ring to it? :)
Hey, when I play "Action Quake 2" it has different features than what are in Reaction! What gives?
Our gameplay features were based on the last official version of Action Quake released from the A-Team, version 1.52. A-Team released the source code for people to use as they saw fit. As a consequence, there are 30+ variants of Action Quake. One of the most popular ones is called AQ:TNG (The Next Generation). If you are a European player or a new North American player, you may be more familar with this version which has some slightly different gameplay elements. As some of the developers who worked on AQ:TNG also have worked on Reaction, some of these features have made their way into the game. However, bear in mind that Reaction is NOT based on AQ:TNG. It is based on AQ 1.52 and any additional features may or may not bear some resemblence to an existing version of Action Quake, be it AQ:TNG or AQ:ETE or AQ:Heroes, etc.
Why are there only 5 or 6 weapons? [insert name of realism mod here] has tons of different weapons!
Like Action, the emphasis of Reaction is gameplay and not weapon selection. A submachine gun is a submachine gun. A pistol is a pistol. If you really want an AK-47, we do have weapon replacements available. Turn the M4 into an AK-47! Make your pistols gold-plated! Ditch the knife for a katana and shuriken!
What game types are offered in Reaction?
Deathmatch, teamplay, capture the briefcase (CTB, kinda like CTF), team deathmatch, and matchmode for tournament play.
Does Reaction offer single player bots?
Heck yes! They are great in deathmatch, decent in teamplay, and they even give a decent try at CTB!
Will Reaction have "such and such" from AQ2?
The team made its best effort to duplicate the feel of Action Quake 2.
Are you doing anything to curb online cheating (e.g. spiked models, full bright skins, etc.)?
Some of these issues were present in Quake 2 because PAK-file checks were not implemented. However, Quake 3 does natively support this under its pure server option and can be utilized at the server operator's discretion. However, cheats such as "see-through video drivers" are beyond our control. We recommend using and ENABLING Punkbuster. We also recommend server ops take advantage of the cvars.cfg file. The team actually had done some anti-cheat work and for a while was the only mod that could block certain Quake 3 cheats, but we have not maintained this effort as it's not really our intent. We just make the game, not the anti-cheat!
Will all the Action jumps be included?
The code team has done their best to implement Quake 2's physics into Quake 3 - this includes strafe-jumping, double-jumps, ramp-jumps, and so forth to achieve the proper Action feel.
I have an idea for a new item/feature/blah! Who do I contact?
Post on the forum in the Focus Group. However, think it through before posting!
I want to contribute something to the project. Who do I contact?
If you have something like a map, model, or skin to contribute, hang on to it and give us a shout on the Reaction forums. It's almost a guarantee that we will see it.
I want to make a map for Reaction. Where do I get information for things such as entities?
Backlot is the place to go. It hosts a very comprehensive RQ3 mapping guide and should answer any Reaction mapping-related questions you may have. Of course, you should already be familiar with Quake 3 mapping basics to understand what's going on. We also have a mapping manual available on the Backlot for download. It is a very detailed guide to Reaction mapping. Check our website's download section for the appropriate file locations.
Will [insert map name] from AQ2 be ported to Reaction?
Chances are it will not be ported by the team. However, that does not disallow its chance to get into Reaction. Any interested third-party mappers can still contact the original map author for permission and port it him/herself for the community.
Why don't you just port [insert map name] from AQ2? It was the best!
Almost everyone has differing opinions on what are "good" AQ2 maps. Not everyone will like cliff2 while others will just love actcity2. Because of that, it is not possible to port everyone's favourite maps. However, any inclined mapper (or mapper-to-be) who wants to port an AQ2 map can take the initiative to contact the original author, use our mapping guides, and port it. Because someone will probably like the map, someone will probably appreciate it. We don't port maps that we don't have permission to port. It's unethical and immoral to steal someone's work without their consent. We ask that community mappers abide by the same standards.
I've found "so and so" bug while playing! Where can I report it?
Please post it in the forums! The Focus Group is the appropriate forum for gameplay suggestions and bug reports. If you think you found a unique bug, then only after searching through the messages and archives to ensure no duplicate reports are listed should you post the bug in the forum.
Where can I get the latest news on Reaction?
Why, the website and forums, of course. =)
Are you the A-Team?
No. The A-Team (creators of the original Action Quake 2, not to be confused with Mr. T and the gang) are aware of this modification, but are not participating in its development.
Are you Team Reaction?
This isn't often asked but is usually implied because of the modification's name. We are NOT Team Reaction. They are the fine folks who brought the Quake community great mods like Gloom and Jailbreak. We used to simply go by the Reaction Quake 3 Team. Now we have taken to calling ourselves Boomstick Studios.
Can I join the Reaction Quake 3 Team?
The Reaction Quake 3 Team is not seeking permanent members at this time. We will make announcements or contact individuals personally if we require additional members in the future.
What's this I hear about an alpha/beta test version and where can I get it?
We periodically generate internal test versions for TESTING purposes among team members and beta testers and NOT general consumption. You will not find any such links to these versions on this website.
What's this I hear about the SPAS-12 replacing the M3 as the shotgun in Reaction?
The SPAS-12 will not replace the M3. However, the thought was juggled around on the messageboard early in development.
What's that pink smudge on the side of the M4?
Look closer. It's not a smudge, but a Homosaurus.